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Drug Intervention in Marin

Alcohol Intervention in Marin

Marin County is a county located in the North San Francisco Bay Area of the State of California, across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco County. As of 2010, its population was about 252,400.

The Beautiful Coastline of West Marin County

Marin is a wonderful County, full of beautiful woods, wonderful homes and progressive People. Rich in it's beauty it hides one of the worst Alcoholism and Drug Addiction problems in the Nation. This is because of the fear the stigma of addiction and alcoholism have. We at Marin Intervention understand. We have over 300+ successful alcohol and drug interventions with everyone from the average man and woman, Young Male or Female adult to the extremely high profile individual - some of whom are licensed (Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Police Officers, Pilots etc..) and afraid of losing their license. We have the skills to be caring and compassionate, yet unparalleled in our professionalism and confidentiality.

Marin Intervention and  has a high number of referrals from previous Clients who have let other Families know about our services. When we ask why, we are told it is because we were the most professional and knowledgable and we were always available and always made our Clients feel hopeful and like this will work for the first time sometimes in many years. And finally that not only were we able to get their loved one into Treatment we were able to help the whole family system and the patient after treatment in a way they never had been before and the result has been the Family changed and the Patient has stayed with Recovery and become a responsible adult

We have 15 years of working in Marin County. We have worked with over 1000+ Families and their loved one's suffering from the Disease of Addiction. We at Marin Intervention and have the knowledge and experience to deal with all of the new drugs our kids are doing in Marin County, the knowledge to deal with the signs of and detox needed for prescription pills, heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, alcohol and the list goes on. This is important when you are in the middle of an Intervention - you want a professional who can make sure your loved one is safe and comfortable and able to get to treatment in a safe manner.

We will work harder for you than any other Firm. We started our life of addiction and alcoholism at an early age and know the pain and suffering the addicted person feels and know the destruction it causes families - good families - who feel like they have been taken hostage and can't seem to find the right help or find help that works  - Now with close to two decades in our own Recovery we have done the work necessary to achieve a "Lasting Focus On Recovery" - WE won't let you down.

Help is a phone call away - Call Marin Intervention today - 415-497-7722. Our assessment is free. We will spend the time it takes on the phone without charging you to help get you the help you need and help anyone who is having difficulty with the decision to do something. We do not charge until you hire us for Intervention.


Marin Intervention 10 years of Honest, Professional and Compassionate work in the Addiction Industry. 

Our desire to be the most helpful to our Clients and Patients caused us to change our Business Model along the way as we grew in Knowledge and ability and our Business became Stronger. Most recently we added Addiction Care Management™.  To better help our Patients after Treatment by becoming a part of their Continuing Care Plan and adding more support and education for the family ongoing. We have found this to be the missing link as to why there is such a high relapse rate after treatment. There must be more Professional interaction with the Patient and Family for more successful outcomes.

Drug intervention help in Marin County
Alcohol Intervention help in Marin County

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